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Overseas Citizenship of India

If you wish to obtain an OCI or make any changes to your existing OCI, such as changing your photo due to an appearance change, Lead NRI and visa services have experienced staff who can deal with your OCI needs at any time.

Indian Passport

If you are planning to travel abroad, either solo or with family and friends, having a passport is mandatory, as without it you cannot visit other countries

Indian Visa Services

Here at Lead NRI and Visa Services we are able to assist you in obtaining a visa for India.


About Lead NRI & Visa Services

"We Ensure to provide a confidential and discreet service to assist you with all your NRI and worldwide travel visa needs"

Lead NRI and Visa Services is run and managed by Sahil Uppal who is a foreign qualified lawyer. Having practiced as a Lawyer in India, Sahil has extensive experience in dealing with all NRI services and has a full understanding of the law behind many issues that Non Indian Residence are increasingly having to face today. As well as being able to deal with such complex issues, Sahil also has knowledge and experience in the worldwide visa sector. Him and his team at Lead NRI and Visa Services offer help, advise, and carry out work on your behalf with a personal relationship that gives you a piece of mind that all your affairs will be taken care of without any problems. We will be with you all the way through

Lead NRI and Visa Services LTD provide visa services to many European countries as well as visas to India, Canada, China and Russia. We specialise in obtaining and expediting visas for international travel. We have visa processing experience and our network of contacts within the embassies and consulates helps us to achieve what others cannot. We offer a reliable express visa service with the most up-to-date visa information.

We are at your service around the clock to guide you through the visa and passport processes as well as ensuring the security of your personal documents, giving you peace of mind

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