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Pan Card

What is PAN card details?

PAN stands for Permanent Account Number. It is a 10-character alphanumeric number uniquely allotted to the PAN Cardholder. It helps in identifying the PAN Cardholder or income tax payer. PAN cards serve as a Government issued identification that comes in handy everywhere you go.

What is PAN card and its uses?

It also serves as an identity proof. Once PAN card is issued, it remains valid for the entire life of the PAN card holder. The primary objective of PAN is to use a universal identification key to track financial transactions that might have a taxable component to prevent tax evasion

Can foreign national apply for PAN card?

If you are a foreign citizen and you want to run a business or invest in India, you should also apply for a PAN card. Since PAN is also available to foreign nationals, this document cannot be used as proof of Indian citizenship

Can a NRI get PAN card?

PAN Card is required by an NRI, if he/she has got a taxable income in India. According to the new, rule of SEBI, any NRI not having a PAN card cannot do the share trading by depository or broker.

If you are still unsure what a PAN card is or whether you need one, contact Lead NRI and Visa Services and we can advise you on whether you need one by asking you just a few simple questions. Our team can also help you understand what they are and why they are being used in India.